IHS International (IHSI) is a globally engaged consulting firm specializing in strategic assessment and advisory services with a specific focus on China and the greater Indo-Pacific region. Advising clients from nearly all corners of the globe, our broad expertise and experience is deployed to achieve near and long-term client goals.

global reach. global impact.

Unconstrained to a specific sector, IHSI develops specialized project-oriented teams to cater to our clients unique needs and goals. With a primary focus on China and the greater Indo-Pacific region, we actively advise clients on nearly every continent and continue to engage client initiatives across a broad global footprint.


long standing public sector and academia track record

IHSI has advised governments and related agencies for over two decades on strategic matters in policy making, education and inter-regional cooperative initiatives. We have significant experience in advising leading US universities in building international educational platforms and exchange opportunities.

diverse private-sector experience

  • Utilities and Sustainable Development

  • Aviation Equipment and Services

  • Medical Care and Equipment

  • Mass Transit Systems

  • Communication and Information Technologies

  • Education

  • Environmental Protection

  • Media 

  • Sports and Entertainment 

  • Real Estate Development

  • Finance and Asset Management

The diversity and depth of our client portfolio is matched by the experience and depth of IHSI research and analysis to provide accurate and unique strategic assessments on key topics pertaining to China and the Indo-Pacific. Over the course of the last twenty years, leading international corporations and non-profit organizations have trusted IHSI to guide initiatives covering a broad range of sectors including: