IHS International and our clients understand the critical role China maintains in an interactive, globalized environment.   Our mission is to translate this fact into mutual understanding, prudent policy, and business opportunity.   Our value lies in our elite and exclusive relationships, forged through decades of international activities, which can broker comprehensive syndicates.   IHSI Clients gain our insights to various industry associations, to capitalize on this vision, confidence and resources.

IHSI cultivates tailored teams of experts uniquely equipped to achieve our client's goals.   These individuals offer extensive experience and contacts in their relevant sectors, many speaking fluent Mandarin and English.


IHSI believes in an unconventional approach to craft optimal outcomes for client success:  Listen before speaking, and understand before being understood.  IHSI research and relationships reflect this philosophy. Integrated with client ownership and interests, these principles choreograph an effective strategy.

Foundation studies and strategic sector research incorporate the best available resources. The client team solicits expert assessments reflecting industry-literate opinions directed to go beyond a conventional approach.  Client team members mobilize their extensive contacts at all levels of the international corporate and government spheres.  


Patience is vital.  Today, the only constant is change, and metrics of “success” require constant vigilance.  Agreements and contracts signal the beginning, not the end. Predictability and straight-line trajectories are non-existent.  Sharp turns in events are the norm.  

Operating in such an environment is exactly why IHSI was founded and thrives. Our commitment to the Client does not waver over the long haul.  Our unconventional approach and unique skillsets allow us to convert confusion to clarity and provide paths to success. We deliver insight and  assessments of the factors and trends that shape outcomes.  

Our clients share with us the energy and creativity needed for an enduring success in both short and long-term endeavors.  Our client’s success testifies to our track record.; we lean towards those who share our energy, confidence and optimism. Your success is our success