IHSI’s strong core staff is buttressed by our elite network of professionals and topical experts built over decades that form client-tailored teams achieving efficient and timely success. This nimble approach delivers our clients optimized competencies and a results-oriented approach.  IHSI is based in Arlington, VA and maintains personnel in Beijing, London and Tokyo.   

Strong leadership, diverse teams and multiple points of access-- IHSI advances your complex goals. Clients including influential corporations, individuals and organizations value our approach. Uniquely IHSI is positioned to engage diverse client needs in international markets. 

Market Entry - Our longstanding exclusive associations in China and the Indo-Pacific provide ahead-of-the-curve strategies for your organization.  Unrestrained to a specific industry, over the past thirty years we have delivered quantifiable results in telecommunications, energy, infrastructure, environment, healthcare, education, media, aerospace, and construction. IHSI clients access an immediate support structure to advance current and future initiatives.

Crisis Resolution - Navigating international business environments is challenging; even the most experienced leaders can have difficulty.   We have assisted several Fortune 500 companies in pinpointing and navigating barriers to deliver appropriate solutions.

Exchanges - IHSI has fostered partnerships for our clients between various American, Chinese, and other international entities including high-level dialogues and academic exchanges, and strategic scenario simulations that bring key leaders and decision makers from public, private and government spheres to focus on key issues of concern. We provide decision makers with specialized opportunities and information which present unique understanding and global context to make informed choices.

China Market

With over 40 years engaging and operating in China, IHSI has been an active participant in the massive transformation China has undergone.

 China is, and has been for at least a century, a global network with impressive entrepreneurial wherewithal.  "Connected" by culture and language, now amplified through advanced tools of digital communication, the global Chinese community retains an identity that challenges the definition of transnationalism.

Employing exclusive relationships in China, IHSI provides specialized market approach strategies into various sectors of the Chinese economy. IHSI clients recognize that China will play a critical role in this modern age of global interactions - and understand that major cultural and societal barriers in China and elsewhere remain intact, creating challenges that must be overcome to enable continuous success of partnerships in China and the Indo-Pacific region.

China’s economy has witnessed transformational growth for the last 40 years. This growth and ambition necessitate that China interact globally in the international economy and presents complex opportunities and challenges for all.  Organizations, firms and entrepreneurs need the proper approach to China’s dynamic markets and impact to ensure ongoing success.  

IHSI is well equipped to navigate you through these challenges